VOLCAR is a European division of the Ukrainian group of VOLCAR GROUP companies. The main activities of the group companies are the supply, distribution of B2B and retail sales of automotive products, equipment for SUVs and special equipment, travel equipment, industrial and production tools and specialized traction equipment. Over the years, we have developed a productive and friendly partnership with a number of European and global manufacturers. A number of accessories and additional equipment for SUVs and special equipment are produced at our production facilities. We have many years of experience in ensuring and quality delivery of a variety of products for large global companies and government customers in various fields, including defense. This gives us the opportunity to focus on the most ambitious goals and guarantee quality cooperation to all retail customers and world-renowned partners!

Our Mission

It has long been known that every true motorist loves his car special, and incomparable love. So do we - love our business, and live it!
And it is this feeling that sets us in the direction of continuously striving to improve the quality of our service, increase the professionalism of our staff, and create the best deals for SUV and crossover owners.
We offer the best and most diverse accessories, spare parts and tobacco elements for SUVs, almost all brands and models made using the latest technology, and work in the atmosphere of the most dedicated and creative members of our team.
A large selection of our branded products, services and expertise of our specialists will ensure success in all your automotive projects.
Whatever you need - whether its a spare part to repair a broken winch, or preparing an SUV for competition, and maybe a new set of wheels and tires to order, or something that will make it noticeable, or fast, high or low - we will always be your department store.
We carry out our mission every day with enthusiasm and optimism, drawing lessons from our experience and success. We enjoy a modern but at the same time creative working atmosphere, while providing a real environment for training and development of our employees.


These values ​​define our culture
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We love our customers
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We value each other as individuals
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We create tools for success
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We are proud of our products and services
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We are constantly striving to be the best

Our Team

Each of our employees is the heart of the company
Advanced customer service experts are the key to our success. We also maintain a balance between the professional and personal lives of our colleagues, as their common well-being is crucial to our common further growth.
How we succeed and become experts
We are proud to be a diverse organization. We recognize and respect each others differences and work hard to benefit from those differences. We maintain a high level of professionalism in our interactions, while creating an atmosphere of open, clear and consistent communication.
VOLCAR is not just another online store selling car products. We sell them with a huge customer base, which has been growing for more than 10 years both in the Ukrainian market and abroad. No matter how great we are, the family atmosphere that was originally and is now part of VOLCAR will always remain the same.
From our founders and to each of the new employees, we do our best to make the passion for SUVs and everything connected with them complete, mutual understanding and desire to satisfy each client -made us all a big family.


Vnedorognik.ua is one of the largest importers of SUV equipment, special equipment, and the official representative of many brands. Our suppliers are manufacturers of original equipment only. Our partners adhere to the highest standards of quality and order fulfillment.


With a large number of spare parts and components for power and aesthetic tuning, it would be funny not to install them yourself. Together with the car owner, we define the concept and select the optimal parts that meet certain requirements, and our masters are able to turn wishes into reality.