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Hand winches for cars - product features and benefits

If you own an SUV or ATV and love to spend your weekends in nature, you will need special tools that can help in difficult circumstances. A hand winch will help you quickly pull out a car stuck in the mud without resorting to anyone's help. Also, a winch is a must-buy for drivers who live in the countryside and may get stuck on a dirt road after heavy rain.

Lever-type winch buy price with delivery

The most favourable prices for winches for cars will be for mechanical models. The hand winch must not be connected to the vehicle engine. They consist of a body, a coiled cable with a powerful hook at one end, and several mechanisms for tensioning, loosening and winding the cable. With the help of such equipment, you can pull the car out of the mud by attaching a special hook to any fixed and durable object, such as a tree trunk.

Types of mechanisms

The two most popular types of hand winches are currently on sale on the market:

  • lever type - work on the principle of a lever, is small in size and is great for travellers. Do not require rigid fixation on the car frame. If necessary, the equipment can be improved by installing telescopic handles to increase traction;
  • drum type - consists of a drum with teeth, several bearings and a handle. Provide high traction force, and require rigid fixation on the surface. Can be used on construction sites and facilities where heavy loads must be moved frequently.

Hand winch drum-type Dragon Winch buy with a delivery price

Each type has its pros and cons, but if you're looking for a lightweight, portable hand winch for your car, the lever model may be the best solution. If you are interested in where you can buy a manual winch for cars cheaply and how much such equipment costs, contact the consultants of the Volcar online store. Here you can not only buy a car winch at a bargain price with delivery but also get detailed advice on the selection, operation and proper maintenance. We are the official representative of many brands, and also offer off-road equipment from other large and well-known companies.

Benefits of manual models

If you decide for yourself: "It is worth buying a winch for a car", please note that manual winch models for off-road cars will outperform mechanical ones in the following criterions:

  • low price;
  • compact size and lightweight;
  • simplicity and low cost of repair.

Also, to use a manual type winch, you do not need to waste fuel or load the car engine. If you want the winch to last a long time and not let you down at the most inopportune moment, choose equipment from trusted companies. In the catalogue of our online store, you will find a wide range and great prices for new manual car winches with a manufacturer's warranty. By purchasing equipment from us, you will be sure of its quality and reliability, as well as get the contacts of a reliable supplier of car tuning products that you can trust.

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