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How to Choose the Roll Cover for pickup?

In today's market, the popularity of pickup trucks is growing more and more. Thanks to their spacious body, high landing and good cross-country ability, they have become the most popular SUVs.

These cars are often used both in industrial and even domestic environments and in more aggressive areas. However, this multifunctional unit also has one significant drawback - an open body, which is especially inconvenient when transporting cargo in bad weather.

Rolling shutters for pickups buy price Poland Czech republic

Previously, a tarpaulin was actively used to protect the luggage compartment. It was a rather budget, but very unreliable option. Today, many car owners prefer a safer and more practical device - tonneau covers (roller shutters) for a pickup truck.

Advantages of soft tonneau covers for pickup trucks:

  1. The roller shutters are made of durable aluminium and are not subject to corrosion processes;
  2. Many models are equipped with a reliable control system, thanks to which you can get the right things out of the body in just a few seconds, and a lock with a girder lock;
  3. 100% cargo safety, as roller shutters cannot be cut, unlike their predecessor - a tarpaulin;
  4. Protect the luggage compartment from water and ultraviolet radiation, which prevents premature paint burnout and rust;
  5. The optimal temperature is maintained inside the body space regardless of the season;
  6. Most roller shutters can be painted in the colour of the car or in any other specified in the international catalogue of the palette;
  7. Ease to install.

Reliability and innovation of roll covers for pickups

In the manufacture of tonneau covers on cars, one-drawn aluminium profiles are used, and production is carried out using the latest method of roller rolling, which provides absolute invulnerability to any impacts. They are characterized by good rigidity and elasticity.

Best tonneau covers for a pickup trucks buy in Poland low price

Basically, roller shutters are made of two types of lamellas - with edges (stiffness AER44/S) and without them (stiffness AER42). The first is characterized by excellent burglary resistance, and the second - is medium protection against burglary.

Where to buy a quality soft tonneau cover for a pickup truck?

You can get acquainted with the range of products for your car and choose the model of roller shutter you like in the Volcar online store. We are official distributors of many brands and provide products at reasonable prices. In addition, we have provided a wide catalogue of spare parts for tuning pickups and SUVs, as well as accessories for them.

Reviews about Roll cover

Roll cover for VW Amarok 2010- from Turkey RT01 1300 €

Tuto kvalitní roletu jsem nainstaloval na VW Amarok, vše se mi líbí, neteče

Arturo Pilkovich • 03.05.2022