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How to choose the right off-road car winch?

To save a car on your own in unfavourable off-road conditions, you need an automobile winch. It is often called a kind of lifeline for transport. Not all options offered by manufacturers are suitable for off-road and SUVs. Therefore, it is necessary to select the winch carefully, having previously understood the characteristics.

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Types of winches

Let's consider the principle of operation. The way the equipment for the SUV is used depends on this. There are such types of this product:

  • manual;
  • mechanical;
  • electric;
  • hydraulic.

The oldest type is the manual variant. Suitable for pulling the car out of the mud, but you will have to make enough effort. This model is recommended only for light transport. A hand winch with a minimum of physical strength will not be able to save the SUV. Especially if such a situation is regular. The only plus is that you can buy a winch at a low price.

A mechanical model is encountered in use. It does not have its own engine, so it is necessary to connect directly to the car. This traction winch is rarely used due to its inconvenient design.

Some motorists choose a hydraulic option. Not the most reliable view, quite risky. Such winches are considered the most difficult. At the same time, they are also the most expensive. The operation of hydraulic equipment is smooth and silent. That's where the benefits end. For an extreme situation, it is better to choose a safer option.

The most popular is the automobile electric winch. It is powered by a battery. Manufacturers guarantee easy operation. There is no need to make your own efforts, as required by a manual winch for the car. The electric model has the largest traction force, thanks to which it will be possible to quickly and easily pull out the SUV. It is also important to pay attention to how much the winch costs. The price is lower than the hydraulic one, and it is safer.

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Important characteristics in the selection of car winches

Before finding where to buy a winch, it is worth understanding the main criteria. The type of equipment is the main point to pay attention to. The most practical option is an electric model. If the budget is too limited, then it is recommended to take a mechanical or manual winch. It is better not to buy hydraulic equipment for an SUV. The money will be wasted, as this system does not work well off-road.

The pulling force is another important parameter. It indicates how much weight the technician can cope with. This point is indicated in the description under standard operating conditions. If an extreme situation is potentially possible, the traction force indicator should be maximum.

To make the car winch fit exactly, it is better to buy it using a special formula. Everyone can calculate the traction force, which is equal to the mass of the car multiplied by 2.5. If the received value is not on sale, it is better to take a model that exceeds the specified value. When counting, it is recommended to take the mass of a fully equipped machine. Then you won't have to unload it during work.

When choosing, you should pay attention to:

  • construction;
  • method of fastening;
  • dimensions.

Then you will be able to buy a winch for the car quickly and install it without difficulties. If the design is selected incorrectly, it is often necessary to modify the bumper to use it. Usually, fastening platforms are trimmed or digested. It is better to make a professional hidden installation so that no one guesses about the upgrade.

Another important point when choosing is the type of cable. You should only choose steel cable if you are on a tight budget, as it is significantly heavier and less comfortable to use. Synthetic ropes have an excellent balance of mass to strength and are not susceptible to corrosion. In addition, they are easier to roll and unwind when you need to pull the car out of the mud.

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Where to buy a car winch?

In the Volcar catalogue, you can choose the ideal option among a wide range of models and manufacturers. We are official representatives of many brands of car winches and deliver products at reasonable prices and in a short time. To quickly place an order, you only need to purchase the desired product on the site, add it to the basket and specify the data for sending and paying.

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