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Features and purpose of tonneau covers for pickup

Every SUV owner wants to improve the exterior of his car. Taking into account the requirements and material capabilities, the hard tonneau cover can be painted to match the colour of the car or unpainted. This part in the main colour will cost more. It can not only improve the appearance of the body part but also make the car much more solid.

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Load bed covers for pickups

A type of SUV with an additional baggage form for transporting goods is called a pickup truck. Owners can upgrade their car with a metal body. The result will be a van with a carrying capacity of 2-4.3 tons. In each country, this tuning element is called differently. The use of an additional canopy allows you to transport goods over long distances, as it helps to preserve the appearance and technical parameters of objects.

The most affordable and practical way to save goods during the transportation is the presence of a lid on the car. Pick up the right one for a pickup truck is available in the online store. Modern models of hard tonneau covers are very simple and convenient to close and open, as well as held in one position due to special fasteners. This spare part carefully stores all the contents in the trunk. You can buy aluminium body covers at a bargain price. Buy Volkswagen Amarok hard tonneau cover or Ford Ranger load bed cover is available for individual order with painting in the desired color.

The main advantage of this accessory is the ability to transport bulky goods because the cover is installed in a raised position. This is not only a stylish but also a practical attribute of any machine.

Varieties of pickup hard tonneau covers

The body rims are represented by 2 main types:

  • decorative;
  • utilitarian.

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The first option is made of fibreglass and is often painted in the colour of the body part. A stylish and spectacular appearance can be given to the machine with the help of a decorative variety. It also simplifies the operation of the body. Therefore, buying these covers is considered the right solution, especially in regions with poor climatic conditions. By choosing the right variant, the car owner will be able to protect the transported cargo from rain and wind, as well as from possible theft.

Also hard tonneau covers are classified into groups depending on the material:

  • iron;
  • aluminum alloys;
  • reliable polymer sheets;
  • metal arcs with additional fabric trim;
  • plexiglass;
  • wooden structures with stainless material cladding.

The choice of a specific option from the store catalogue will depend on the brand of the car.

Features of SUV hard tonneau covers

This part is an additional part of the body that repeats the shape of the pickup body and completely covers the luggage compartment. In most cases, the installation does not require drilling and is mounted on special fasteners and clamps. They will securely and tightly fix the part on the car, and additional gaskets will protect the junction of parts from dust, dirt and water getting inside the trunk. In addition, they will reduce the level of vibration and protect the paintwork of the car.

How to install the tonneau cover on the pickup truck?

To properly install this accessory, you need to give preference to quality materials during purchase. This is glass fibre. Not only the aesthetic appearance but also the duration of use of the fibreglass tonneaus will depend on the exact fitting of the joints.

Installing tonneau cover on the pickup truck instruction store buy price

Main rules of the installation process:

  1. The detail must match the shape of the pickup body.
  2. The door should not cling to the opening.
  3. The lock closes easily and quickly.
  4. First, a preliminary fastening is carried out, after which the element is tightly fixed with fasteners.
  5. Electric wiring is connected.

If the model does not match, lighting fixtures cannot be connected.

Advantages of pickup tonneaus

The rim that is attached to the body of the pickup truck has many positive aspects. The most important of which will be: a completed exterior of the car, reliability of cargo protection from weather conditions and theft, quick and easy installation without additional tools, a wide range of accessories to reduce the weight of the pickup truck.

In our online store Volcar, customers can count on prompt delivery of new parts and full advice from managers on choosing a model.

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