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How to buy the best winch for ATV?

Quad bike in the forest

Walking on off-road transport in difficult conditions is definitely an exciting adventure. You choose the route yourself and go wherever you want. But with such trips, there are the moments that drivers sooner or later face. You can stuck in a swamp, water or sand at the most inopportune moment. Not the most pleasant feeling, do you agree? To save yourself from such problems, you can buy a winch that will help out in such situations.

What is a winch for?

ATVs are used to ride on imperfect surfaces, bumps, swamps, sand, mud, etc. It can be very difficult to get out of them on your own. But if you have such a wonderful tool as a winch, the problem ceases to be such. With the help of the traction force it creates, you will easily and quickly get out of the trap. And the time that you would spend on the struggle to pull out your transport - you will devote to an exciting ride and discover a lot of new things for yourself. Therefore, an ATV winch is very relevant for both enthusiasts and tourists who prefer extreme entertainment.

On a quad bike in the mud

How does the winch work?

The winch for ATV is a drum with a cable, on one side of which there is an electric motor and on the opposite gearbox. They are connected by means of a power take-off shaft (located inside the drum), which is designed to transmit torque from the motor to the gearbox. In turn, the gearbox reduces the number of revolutions and increases the traction force due to the planetary-type mechanism with gears. Its rotation is transmitted to the drum, which winds the cable, taking out the stuck vehicle or other objects.

On a quad bike in the mud

What traction force do I need?

This is almost the most important parameter when choosing the right model. The weight of the load that the winch can tear off the surface depends on the traction force. In the characteristics of the model, it is often indicated in pounds (lbs). The force produced by a particular model depends on:

  • drum diameter;
  • engine power;
  • number of wound turns;
  • a number of gears and gear ratio of the gearbox.

When choosing, you do not need to give preference to the most powerful models. They are expensive and heavy, which is not the best option in the case of an ATV. It is best to choose according to the methods described below.

Warn light winch for ATV

To choose the best model for yourself, you can start from the cubic capacity of the ATV:

  • up to 400 cc - 2000 lbs winch is best;
  • 500-600 - optimally 2300-3000 lbs;
  • 700-800 - 3000-3500 lbs;
  • from 1000 - 3000 lbs minimum.

You can still choose based on the required traction force. To select the right product in this way, you need to know the weight of your ATV. For example, if the weight is about 500 kg, the force should be at least 1200 kg. This coefficient (1:2.5) applies to any vehicle weight. You can find this indicator in the characteristics or names of any model. In imported goods, it is listed in-lbs.

To convert to "kilograms" that we understand, you need to multiply the parameter in pounds by 0.454. Thus, having the declared traction force of 2,000 pounds in the characteristics, we will get 907 kg. For a small, light ATV up to 400 kg, a winch with such a traction force will be a great solution.

Cross material

Cross material for winch

Today, two main types can be distinguished on the market - synthetic and metal. The choice between them depends on the maximum load, service life and specifics of use.

Metal is the easiest, cheapest and heaviest option. If used ineptly, it can cause injury or damage to the equipment. You need special gloves to work with it.

Synthetic largely depends on the quality of workmanship and manufacturer, but any version has a number of advantages. Such as ease of operation and storage, lightweight, wear resistance and safety during operation. When working with it, it is allowed without using gloves. They are the most popular option today.

What should the winch be?

There are just a lot of options on the market from many manufacturers, so you can definitely find a suitable option both in terms of characteristics and budget.

What is worth paying attention to:

  • Treat effort is the most important factor when choosing. You can calculate what you need thanks to the instructions above in the text.
  • The engine power should be powerful enough. When choosing, do not forget about the coefficient of 1 to 2.5 and the option you need will have the right power.
  • Method of control by remote control or buttons installed in the car. For your safety, it is better to prefer the option with remote control, as if the cable breaks, you will be at a safe distance.
  • The material of the cable about the advantages and disadvantages we wrote above. Here the choice directly depends on your preferences.
  • It is very important not to buy cheap Chinese models assembled from low-quality components. After all, no one wants to be left alone with stuck equipment and a burned winch without help in the middle of the forest. Our catalogue contains solutions from the best companies on the market: WARN, Dragon Winch, Come-Up, T-Max and Sigma. They have been supplying decent quality products at a good price for many years.

Best winch for ATV


By buying an ATV winch, you can get out of almost any trap by finding reliable support. Its main advantage is the ability to get out of the situation on your own and without any problems. That is why they are in great demand and are an integral attribute for those who prefer to overcome even serious off-road.

In our online store, you can buy a winch for an ATV and other equipment of excellent quality at a good price. The catalogue presents both budget and more expensive models. We will quickly deliver your goods with convenient service and help with choosing the right option, our specialists will always help and tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of certain models.

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