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Video Hydraulic winch for tow truck DWHI 15000 HD
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Winches for tow trucks - designed to solve complex problems

Traction devices can be quite different, but the winch is the best of them all. And if it is for a tow truck, then this is a much more powerful tool. With such a device available, any task is not terrible. The winch for a cargo tow truck is structurally quite similar to the classic models. However, the evacuation version has a significantly higher traction power and is used in more difficult and aggressive conditions compared to conventional ones.

The versatility of this special equipment is also striking in that it must be at least 4000 kg to complete the tow truck. This is a relatively small weight and size for a traction device of this magnitude because its traction power is impressive.

Such evacuation winches are used in difficult situations of vehicle malfunction. When the car is irretrievably stuck in a deep swamp or when the car needs to be transported to a service. In such problematic situations, only a winch for a tow truck can help.

Winches for a tow truck buy price with delivery

Types of winches for a tow truck

Today, the following types of winches may be included in the package of tow trucks:

  • hydraulic (work due to a hydraulic motor that is connected to a source of electricity or a timing pump);
  • electric (equipped with a built-in powerful electric motor).

When choosing a winch, you should pay attention to the following necessary parameters:

  • producer reputation;
  • for which cars will be used;
  • rope length;
  • working voltage;
  • traction force (up to 60 tons).

Buy a winch for a tow truck

Mostly choose hydraulic devices. After all, they are less prone to external factors, they cope better when working in extreme conditions and are conveniently connected to the engine.

Winch for evacuation tow truck buy online price

A winch for a tow truck at a good price can be found in the Volcar online store. Among the world's best manufacturers we have:

  • Dragon Winch;
  • WARN;
  • Come-up;
  • T-max.

All these and many other products can be found in the catalogues of the store. To receive, specify the selected product, delivery address and payment method.

Reviews about Winch for tow truck

Winch hydraulic DWHI 18000 HD without control 996 €

naviják je výborný, rychle dodáno, děkuji

Jan Joza • 07.07.2022
Hydraulic winch for tow truck DWHI 15000 HD 900 €

vynikající hydraulický naviják pro speciální zařízení

Arturo Pilkovich • 03.05.2022
Electric winch for tow truck Dragon Winch DWT 22000 HD 875 €

velký trakční naviják pro stavební stroje

Arturo Pilkovich • 03.05.2022
Electric car winch Dragon Winch DWM 12000 HD 357 €

Výborný naviják, převzatý před pár dny, doporučuji!

Andry Makysh • 26.04.2022