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Choosing the Suspension: Tips and Recommendations!

Choosing the Suspension

The main task of the suspension is to provide a comfortable ride by minimizing vibrations and shocks that occur on uneven road surfaces. Shock absorbers play a key role in reducing body vibrations, providing a smoother ride. Springs in distributing the necessary load to the wheels, reducing tire wear.

Additional components, including tie rods and struts, contribute to the vehicle's agility and overall handling.

How to choose a suspension?

  1. Choose a softer suspension if you mostly drive on smooth roads and a stiffer suspension if your vehicle is driven off-road.
  2. Gas and hydraulic shock absorbers are the most common types. Gas shock absorbers provide stability at high speeds, while hydraulic shock absorbers provide increased comfort on uneven surfaces.
  3. Choose well-known and trusted brands, as the quality and reliability of the suspension is closely linked to the manufacturer.
  4. Curved, flat, and coil springs all have their advantages and disadvantages, so choose the type that suits your car and driving needs.

Where to buy suspension?

At VOLCAR, you can buy a variety of suspension components for your car. We offer a wide selection of suspension parts, including shock absorbers, springs, tie rods, struts, and other necessary components. Regardless of the make and model of your car, our assortment will help you find the right parts to ensure comfortable and safe driving on the road.