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Which hardtop to choose for a pickup?

Despite the practicality of this type of car, many owners prefer to install hardtops on its body to secure cargo during transportation or reduce the possibility of its theft by leaving the vehicle in the parking lot. Let's take a closer look at the details and features of these details.

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Why do you need a hardtop on an SUV?

This accessory has many advantages for which it is popular and in demand, but we will give just a few of them:

  • the exterior of the SUV acquires completeness;
  • effectively protects the cargo from bad weather conditions;
  • installation does not require special skills. In rare cases, workshop specialists are involved to help with the first installation;
  • a wide range of hardtop modifications, which allows you to significantly modify the SUV;
  • provides protection against unauthorized entry into the luggage compartment.

Features of canopies for a pickup truck

All solutions from quality manufacturers are well insulated, sealed and have interior lighting for your convenience at night. Also, depending on the modification of a particular model, they may have windows or inserts that will make it easier for you to access the contents of the body.

Depending on the specific product or technology of the company that produces them, you can now find hardtops on the market made from:

  • plastic;
  • sheet iron;
  • aluminium alloys;
  • fibreglass;
  • ABS plastic.

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Each of them has been successfully used for several years in production, but we advise you to pay attention to models made of ABS plastic, as they are stronger, more stable and more reliable than simpler and cheaper plastic solutions, but not as expensive as fibreglass or aluminium products.

Types of canopies

Depending on the car model and design solutions, the shape of these parts may differ significantly, but you can still divide them into categories:

  • Star Box - rather voluminous solutions, made in the form of a triangle with windows on the back and side. They resist mechanical stress well, without much losing aerodynamic properties;
  • Hard Top - advanced types of pickup canopies. Cars with such elements outwardly resemble an SUV. They can be completed in different ways, depending on the preferences of the buyer and the capabilities of the manufacturer.

Hardtops Options

Many brands are now releasing their models for popular pickups. Depending on the brand and model of the car, they can differ significantly both externally and functionally, but in most cases, they can be divided into categories. We will look at the options using the example of hardtops from Road Ranger:

  • Standart - without access holes in the side parts, but with rear opening glass or plastic insert;
  • Special - with windows in the side and rear, of which only the rear opens;
  • Profi - with plastic inserts instead of windows, but all three can be opened for more convenient access to the luggage compartment;
  • Profi plus - version with opening rear and side windows.

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We provide goods only from the best companies - ARB, Road Ranger, 4ARE and other tops in this category of goods that really think not only about the profit from the sale but also about the quality and durability of their products, manufacturing them using modern technologies from the best raw materials.

Installing good hardtops is quite simple - manufacturers think over in advance and make it as easy as possible for you to mount/dismantle such elements. They use clamps instead of bolts and are great for avoiding drilling holes in the back of a pickup truck, but you get very high-security fasteners.

Why are they so expensive?

The answer to this question is quite simple and obvious if you look at the product from the manufacturer. It takes a lot of effort and time to develop the right aerodynamic model with an excellent, but at the same time reliable attachment mechanism. Also, you need to make it from high-quality materials, so that the company's products serve customers as long as possible. And as a bonus - logistics. Delivering goods around the world is now much easier than 50 years ago, but no one has cancelled duties, shipping costs, cargo insurance and other related expenses - this all increases the final cost.

A high-quality hardtop will cost from 10% of the cost of the car and more, depending on the availability of a paint coating, material of manufacture and additional options.

Where to buy it?

You can always buy a pickup truck in our Volcar online store, as we provide only high-quality goods at a good price, fast delivery and excellent support, which will gladly tell you all the necessary details about the product and make the purchase process as convenient as possible for you.

Reviews about Hardtops

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Hardtop on the Isuzu D-MAX 2012 - from Turkey SB01 2100 €

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