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What should you know when choosing a hardtop for a pickup truck?


Choosing a truck bed cover in the EU price to buy

In this article, you will discover new possibilities for your pickup. We will explore the world of hardtops, truck bed covers, and canopy tops available on the market. We'll look at popular models, their features, and price differences between them. Let's delve into the main aspects of selecting a truck bed cover and its advantages.

Types of Canopies for Pickups

Hardtop Canopies can be categorized based on material, configuration, and price. Of course, there are other parameters like load capacity, corrosion resistance, ease of access, design, or equipment. These aspects will also be discussed in this article.

What materials are hardtops made of?

Today, you can order a truck bed cover made of any material according to your taste and discretion. On the internet, you can find hardtops made of wood, carbon, and even titanium. But let's get back to mass-produced models. Most truck bed covers available for your pickup are made from the following materials:

  1. Steel.
  2. Aluminium.
  3. Fiberglass.
  4. ABS plastic.

Types of materials for truck bed covers buy ready-made covers in the EU price

Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, so there is no universal solution for all needs. Steel is strong and reliable but expensive, heavy, and prone to corrosion. Aluminium is lightweight and corrosion-resistant but less strong and costly. Fiberglass is sturdy and light but challenging to manufacture and expensive. ABS plastic is durable and affordable but subject to fading and scratches. The choice of material depends on needs, budget, and preferences, considering strength, lightness, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal for optimal functionality and usage.

Load Capacity of Truck Canopies

Hardtop with a roof tent to buy in the EU price

Besides the material, it is important to consider the load capacity of the truck bed cover, which determines its ability to carry cargo on the roof. Below are approximate load capacities of truck bed covers made from popular materials:

  • Steel: 100 - 500 kg
  • Aluminium: 100 - 300 kg
  • Fiberglass: 0 - 250 kg
  • ABS plastic: 0 - 100 kg

A hardtop with a load capacity of over 100 kg expands the vehicle's capabilities. It allows for the convenient transportation of various equipment, placing a roof rack or box on the hardtop. Additionally, a high-load hardtop offers further opportunities for organizing recreation or active outdoor leisure, allowing for easy installation of a rooftop tent or attaching bicycles, boats, kayaks, or other equipment.

Access to the Hardtop

Types of windows in hardtops for pickups buy in stock price

The convenience of accessing the hardtop also depends on the type of windows it has. Truck bed covers with fixed windows can make loading and unloading more difficult due to limited access to the interior space.

Conversely, models with lift-up or sliding windows allow for side access. Models with partially sliding windows enable effective ventilation of the truck bed cover, which is useful, for example, when transporting animals. For those who appreciate simplicity and practicality, it is worth considering truck bed covers without side windows, which provide more space and convenience when working with the pickup's cargo area. Such models are also the cheapest and most durable due to their solid sidewalls.

Price of Hardtop Canopies. Which Canopy to Choose for a Pickup?

There is no definitive answer, but we will recommend several interesting options and look at the price differences.

Truck bed cover Alu Cab buy in the EU price on order

Let's start with an expensive but sturdy hardtop Road Ranger or Alu-Cab Contour. These truck bed covers are among the best aluminium models you can get today. High strength, thoughtful design, quality materials, and precise manufacturing, along with a wide range of original accessories developed by the company for integration into your pickup's cargo space. The price of an Alu-Cab hardtop in the EU starts at $4000, which is not cheap, but it is worth considering that this is a top-tier solution with many accessories developed specifically for these truck bed covers.

On the other hand, we can consider a lightweight reinforced fiberglass hardtop from Getlander - a European brand that develops stylish models at an affordable price. The Commercial model without side windows will cost up to $2000 for most pickups, while more equipped models like Panoramic start at $2500.

Fiberglass truck bed cover for pickup buy in the EU cheap price

Nice design, serial production, confirmed by the respective brand, tinted rear glass, interior carpet lining, and LED lighting. Additionally, the manufacturer has provided a brake light repeater and gas struts for the rear glass.

Getlander cover equipment buy cover cheap today

And all this is included in the price of each cover from the manufacturer's models, whose prices start at $1700. But there are also downsides. Such a cover will allow for carrying up to 70 kg on the roof, while the Alu-Cab - up to 200 kg. And why is there such a difference? The cost of development, the material used (aluminium is much more expensive than fiberglass), the brand, and transportation. Of course, there are other factors, but these are enough to understand.

Conclusions. What to Watch Out For?

In conclusion, if you plan to buy a truck canopy, it is important to carefully consider not only the material, design, or load capacity but also the price and convenience of access. This will affect the ease of using the cover in daily life and satisfaction with the purchase.

Therefore, it is important to thoroughly examine the parameters, consider your expectations, and the options available on the market, to choose the optimal variant that meets all your requirements and expectations. And if you need help with your choice, you can always contact our managers, who will provide quality advice, answer your questions, and help you choose the best cover for your pickup!

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