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What springs to choose for a car


One of the main parts of a car that ensure a comfortable ride is the suspension springs. The general aspects of the vehicle's handling and smoothness depend on them. Therefore, when choosing a part, you need to be responsible.

How to determine that it's time to change the springs

How to determine that it's time to change the springs

To determine whether an element needs to be replaced, the first step is to conduct a diagnosis. The first thing to look for is visual signs of damage (corrosion). Next, check the integrity and contact of the coils. You should also pay attention to the location of the body on a flat surface. It should not be skewed to the side. Any extraneous sounds while driving are a reason to replace the springs.

They change on average every 5-7 years, and their cost is not high. It is important to monitor the condition of the components in order to supply new ones on time.

What to look for when buying spare parts for cars

What to look for when buying spare parts for cars

Many people are wondering how to choose springs for a car? To choose a quality part, you need to consider the following points.

  1. Give preference to a reliable manufacturer that supplies high-quality products. At the same time, modern equipment and new technologies are used.
  2. Prevent damage to the part. If the integrity of the product's coating is compromised, then troubles may arise in the future (for example, corrosion). It is necessary to take into account the height of the product if you want to lift the SUV. Spare parts of various sizes are offered for sale - up to 8 inches.

An important point when buying this pendant element is the choice of a store. Nowadays, it is very easy to order the necessary goods without leaving your home via the Internet. It is important to buy only from trusted sellers.

The best manufacturers of springs for cars

The best manufacturers of springs for cars

There are many companies on the modern market that offer auto parts. Which company's car suspension springs are better? For each motorist, their usual brand is the most optimal, so let's consider some of the most famous ones.

OLD MAN EMU is a well-known Australian auto parts company. It produces the bulk of its products on its own and purchases only part of them from other reliable partners. Shock absorbers and their components are of high quality and can withstand significant loads when driving off-road. Let's take a look at some models of suspension springs from this brand.

  1. OLD MAN EMU Toyota 4Runner 91+ OME2900. They are made of high-quality material (microalloy steel) and the latest technologies. This equipment undergoes numerous tests before being put on sale. It is durable in use and affordable.
  2. OME 2763 are springs designed for Land Rover cars. They are manufactured to the highest standards. The products are molded twice (in compression and free state). They provide smoothness and excellent handling of the vehicle, which ensures a comfortable ride.

It is difficult to determine which car springs are better. After all, everyone chooses according to their own specific characteristics.Before buying these elements, it is better to read reviews about a particular manufacturer, which will also help when choosing a product.

Where to buy springs for shock absorbers

No need to waste time on long searches for reliable quality products. You can buy auto parts in our store. We offer fast delivery throughout the country and reasonable prices. Our managers will answer all questions, including how to choose springs for a car. And also help with placing an order.

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