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Hardtop Road Ranger RH 04 Amarok
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Retractable shelf in the back of a pickup truck from Vnedorognik
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Tuning VW AMAROK with kung and awning from ALU-CAB
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Winch DWM 13000 HD
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Hardtop Road Ranger RH 04 Amarok
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Retractable shelf in the back of a pickup truck from Vnedorognik
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Tuning VW AMAROK with kung and awning from ALU-CAB
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Winch DWM 13000 HD
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Roller Mountain Top

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Volcar - at first glance, the meaning of this word is clear and accessible. All-wheel drive vehicle with the increased cross-country ability, which is used on road surfaces of any type, including or in some cases, primarily off-road. And probably, one could agree with such a dry formulation, if we consider this concept as a whole. But if you take a closer look at each one taken separately, and then also ask its owner what his SUV means to him and how much emotion and meaning he puts into this word... This is where his meaning, his soul and character begin to be revealed, his nerve and manner. Agree, because everyone who gets behind the wheel of his four-wheeled horse seeks to get his individual emotions from him, to justify his personal expectations. For some, the basis is safety and control of the situation, another craves emotions and drive, one prioritizes appearance and style, the other does not need it at all, someone has the opportunity to move a small curb, and someone sleeps and dreams about new heights or distant expeditions. And in this context, the word SUV becomes multifaceted, with a whole variety of emotional and pragmatic characteristics filled with individual meanings… - this is exactly the name of our vision, associated with all the above emotions and expectations, goals and objectives, as well as fantasies and feelings associated with them, which are caused by owning and driving an off-road vehicle! is the place that was created to make the most cherished plans and expectations associated with the use of a car come true. Where to pick up and buy:

- various accessories for tuning and styling;

- goods to increase comfort and convenience;

- practical solutions and reinforced parts 4x4;

- goods for expeditions;

- goods for combat operating conditions;

- retrofit special equipment or build a new one, and much more.

Prepare an SUV for tough operating conditions, increase ground clearance, increase power, equip it with the necessary devices, improve handling or passability, and if you have a desire to give your car a unique style - all this and much more can be done by choosing the right elements on Moreover, we will be happy to help you choose the best solutions depending on the goals and objectives that you set for the vehicle.

Hunting or fishing, long-distance expeditions, exhausting competitions, the work of special equipment and even military operations - this is not the whole list of areas for the use of off-road vehicles for which we are ready to provide comprehensive solutions and a set of appropriate spare parts and accessories... At the same time, on you can easily choose accessories for comfortable family trips, many solutions for transporting or organizing luggage, tuning and styling elements, additional audio systems and optics, and much more for those who do not leave the asphalt, but appreciate comfort and treat their car with love.

Rest assured, we are always ready to find the best solution for you depending on your needs and the actual characteristics of the products offered. We are constantly on the lookout for new exclusive and non-standard products. The geography of our partners today includes deliveries from manufacturers located in Ukraine, Europe, America, Australia and even Africa, and the policy of exclusivity on the supply of most brands allows us to systematically monitor the quality of products and services provided.

The basis of what distinguishes us from others is the desire to share the positive emotions of the 4x4 world, provoking and creating new moments ... These are the moments: the smell of a mountain forest, a sunset on a deserted shore, a tent, a fire under the stars and songs with a guitar until dawn, fishing in the fishiest places - where no one can get, long hours of roads and changing landscapes, new countries, cities, photos that you want to review, again and again, emotions, drive, sports passion, dust on your teeth, but at the same time a smile for everything face, burning eyes and the desire to move on, again and again, for new landscapes and adventures.

Aren't we living for moments like this? So don't waste your time! Catch and create moments! After all, life is just moments!

Volcar - Spirit of freedom!



Manual winch Dragon Winch DWK 35 V 65 €

Jan Toušek • 15.09.2022
Lazer Carbon 20 3617 €

Nerozumím tomu proč si píšou recenzi sami sobě a to ještě ve dvou po sobě jdoucích dnech :-D. Nenápadné opravdu.

Vlastní recenze obchodu • 25.08.2022
Winch hydraulic DWHI 18000 HD without control 996 €

naviják je výborný, rychle dodáno, děkuji

Jan Joza • 07.07.2022
Lazer Carbon 20 3617 €

Lazer světlomety jsou jedny z nejlepších. Používám je více než rok. Znovu objednáno👍

Pavel Kučera • 24.06.2022
Lazer Triple-R 1000 GEN1 Titanium 474 €


František • 24.06.2022
Lazer Triple-R 1000 GEN1 Titanium 474 €

Velmi dobré osvětlení. Maximální spokojenost s dodáním i nákupem.

Josef Dvořák • 24.06.2022
Lazer Triple-R 1000 LED with position lights 492 €

František Veselý • 24.06.2022
Lazer Triple-R 1000 GEN1 474 €

Už asi měsíc používám světlomet. Funguje docela dobře. Nákup takových světlometů v tomto obchodě rád doporučuji.

Zdeněk • 24.06.2022
Lazer T2-R 200 €

Koupil jsem tento přídavný světlomet, velmi dobře vylepšené osvětlení.

Martin Novotný • 24.06.2022
Lazer Triple-R 1000 GEN1 474 €


Jiří Procházka • 23.06.2022

In the online store you can buy all kinds of auto parts and accessories for all-wheel-drive cars and more. The catalogue is available for selection by car model, VIN code and other parameters. It is possible to save the selected elements and assign them to a specific vehicle and place them in your personal garage. For ease of use, the site has been sorted.

By the way, interior solutions are grouped in a single section. Covers and capes, small devices and accessories, interior and trunk mats, space dividers and many other goods.

Winches for ATVs and SUVs, hoists, power body kit, tow hitch, trailer axle, bicycle mounts, crossbars, roof rails, shutters, cargo compartment covers for pickups, awnings, a trough in the body, arch extensions, a radiator grille, a damper and much more for tuning and styling is located in the exterior tab.

The list of tuning parts that give the characteristics of increased power and cross-country ability is logically placed in the category of reinforced parts. Silent blocks, mounting bolts, polyurethane bushings and suspension mounting kits. Side rods, levers, stabilizers, fasteners and driveshaft. And also, as the steering system, brake discs and pads, differential parts.

The Optics section contains the following products: LED lamps and panels, fog lights, xenon, LED beams, spotlights, hand and tactical lights, and lenses.

Whether it's an SUV or pickup, crossover or van, carriage, motorhome, camper, buggy, quad bike, ATV or UTV, all-terrain vehicle, amphibian, monster truck, special vehicle, armoured car, golf cart, TP1 or TP2, Unimog or self-propelled vehicle, caterpillar or wheeled vehicles, we will still find what to offer you and what to please!

We are sure that we will have something to talk about with any car owner!

Volkswagen Amarok, Nissan Navara, Mazda BT50, Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux, Tundra, Sequoia, Ford Ranger, Raptor F150, F250, Ford F 350 and the rest of the line, Dodge RAM, Cadillac Escalade, Fiat Fullback, Kia Sportage, Land Rover Discovery , Defender, Mercedes G-Сlass, Mercedes Galenwagen, Land Cruiser, Tacoma, Toyota 4 Runner, Patrol, Suzuki Jimny, Mitsubishi Pajero, these are only the most popular among the options presented.