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Hydraulic winch for tow truck

This is a traction device with a hydraulic motor that converts the energy of the oil flow into the tractive effort. Such a powerful device is able to lift the load to the specified height or perform towing work on a horizontal surface.

Use hydraulic winches in spheres:

  • evacuations;
  • special equipment;
  • road transport;
  • industrial work;
  • during construction work;
  • large warehouses;
  • agricultural work;
  • forestry work.

Fans of motorsport, especially off-road races, must have a traction hydraulic winch in their arsenal in order to independently remove a car or ATV from sand, snowdrifts, swamps, and viscous mud if necessary.

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Application of hydraulic winch for tow truck

Equipment with a hydraulic traction device is indispensable for tow trucks and special vehicles. Almost all experienced tow truck drivers use an oil winch to easily load a car or other cargo onto a platform. In addition, a large number of boats and boats are equipped with this traction device, quite often fishing boats too.

Automobile hydraulic winches are used more often, of similar power, as electric ones. This is because these have more traction load and cope more effectively in extreme situations or weather conditions.

With the help of such a powerful winch, not only a passenger car but also an SUV, special equipment of a military category, and even a tractor, if necessary, can be pulled onto the tow truck platform. After all, such a tool is capable of creating a pulling force from 4,000 kg to 30,000 kg or more.

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How a hydraulic winch works

Structurally, each winch is similar to the other, since the main constituent elements are a drum, a cable, and a transmission mechanism. However, hydraulic models are somewhat more difficult to work with their functional features. The complexity of this unit lies in the components of the equipment:

  • hydraulic drive;
  • drum on which the cable is wound;
  • planetary gearbox, thanks to which hydraulic energy is converted into the tractive effort;
  • special filters that protect the system from contamination and damage;
  • a brake system that allows you to fix the cable if necessary;
  • connecting hoses, close the loop;
  • valves to protect the working system from overload.

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All these components are compactly mounted on a frame with provided cable outlets. This winch works thanks to the pressure and energy of the oil and is usually connected to the hydraulic system of the vehicle, internal combustion engine or hydraulic power steering. The method of connecting the winch depends on the vehicle you need to work with.

Where to buy a reliable hydraulic winch?

If you still have doubts when choosing a traction device, then you should consider that it is the traction hydraulic winch that is the best among others. This is reflected in three main factors:

  1. performance stability exceeds manual, electric and mechanical winches;
  2. pulling force is also an order of magnitude greater than in other winches;
  3. durability and reliability of work are ensured and guaranteed.

Considering the range of our Volcar online store, you will surely find exactly the device that will suit your needs and will be useful both for work and in hobbies.

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