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How to choose a branch shredders?


The garden is quickly filled with dry old branches, grass, potato tops that don’t want to decompose in the compost pit? The solution to this problem will be the purchase of a garden shredder - equipment of narrow specialization for rapid processing of raw materials of plant origin. The result of its work is a clean site, mulch, which can be used as fertilizer, saving on garbage removal. It remains only to understand how to choose a shredder of branches and grass.

How to choose a branch shredders?

Construction of the branch shredder:

The shredder or chipper has a simple construction. The body is made of polymer, metal or a combination of both, depending on the class. Plastic shredders are cheaper, weigh less and are easy to carry around the job site. Metal shredders are more durable and powerful, and are usually intended for stationary use.

Wheels are an important design element. Wide rim models are preferred. They are less likely to get stuck in the ground than narrow wheels.

On top of the body there is a hopper or container for material. In simple models the hopper is fixed, in more advanced versions the angle of inclination can be adjusted. It’s more convenient to work with an inclined hopper. The crushed material is fed to the discharge box or a special socket. It can also be straight or inclined.

Inside the housing is a motor and a cutting mechanism of one of three types:

  1. Knife type. It’s made of hard steel alloys. Optimal for processing young shoots, vines, bushes, grass.
  2. Screw type. Similar in principle to a meat grinder, so sometimes stems and branches aren’t cut through completely, but come out "chewed". Can handle fairly thick branches.
  3. Milling. It has the shape of a drum with special knives. Designed to turn thick branches into fine chips. Most commonly found on professional models.

Shredder motor can be electric, gasoline or diesel. Electric ones are unpretentious in use, have an affordable price, but require access to the domestic network. Gasoline and diesel models are more powerful and mobile, but require more serious maintenance - replacement of oil, candles, filters. The price of such devices is higher.

Types of branch shredders

Equipment classes

How to choose the right shredder based on its class:

  1. Domestic models. Optimal for small areas where there are no thick shoots of bushes and trees thicker than 30 millimeters. Not designed for intensive use. Most affordable in price. Ideal for recycling last year's haulm, grass, cut branches of gooseberries, raspberries, etc.
  2. Semi-professional. Designed to process branches up to 40 millimeters. Recommended for medium size gardens. Handles raw shoots of bushes and branches of trees.
  3. Professional. Suitable for branches up to 60 mm in diameter and more. Able to chop even thick, dry branches. Recommended for gardens, landscaping and parks. 

When considering how to buy a shredder with the right features, you shouldn’t ignore the additional options. They are designed to make the process of operation safer and more comfortable. Such options include the presence of a suppression system, a hopper for waste collection, a motor lock, automatic material feeding, speed adjustment, etc.

You can choose a suitable shredder in our shop. Models with different technical characteristic are available. Make your purchase online and get all the advantages of our service.

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