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Ensure stable off-road driving with VOLCAR!

It is especially important to maintain a soft ride, especially when you are driving off-road.

Silent blocks are special components of the car suspension that have a certain softness and flexibility. They are used to dampen and absorb vibrations that occur when the car is moving.

When is it time to buy a new set of silent blocks?

They contribute to a comfortable and stable ride, as well as a long life cycle of the automotive suspension. Polyurethane or elastic rubber, reinforced with metal bushings through vulcanization, made it possible to create them in various sizes at a low cost. They are used to attach stabilizers and suspension arms.

When is it time to buy a new set of bushings?

  • You feel a vibration through the steering wheel, making it difficult to drive.
  • The pickup truck may veer off the road as you increase speed.
  • The car reacts to road bumps with a bump.
  • The tire tread shows uneven wear.

Silent blocks are not subject to repair, so if they have lost their effectiveness, you need to buy new ones. You can select the appropriate set of sizes (front, rear) of silent blocks for the upper (lower) rear suspension in the VOLCAR online store, where there are many offers. 

Once received, they can be installed in a specialized service or at home if you have the appropriate experience and tools.