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Roller shutters for pickup trucks: selection and installation


A pickup truck roll bar is used to cover and protect your cargo to keep it safe from weather, dust, and to provide security and privacy. Its main purpose is to prevent your items from moving out of the body when your vehicle is suddenly moving or braking.

Buy a roller shutter for a pickup truck

What types are there?

Body covers are classified by style and material. Here are some of them:

  • Folding: This roller shutter has a rigid body and rolls that fold inward. It provides excellent protection and can be locked to prevent unauthorized access to the body.
  • Soft: It has a soft body and rolls up like an awning. It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • Extendable: Extends or retracts to the rear of the body. It provides easy access to the cargo.
  • Folding with glass-like sections: This roller shutter has a body that opens and closes like window glass. It is weather and impact resistant.

What types of roller shutters exist?

Different types of aluminum profiles are used for the manufacture of roller shutters.

Aluminum profile with filler: contains aluminum lamellas with a filler, whether soft or hard. These roller shutters are lightweight, durable, and insulate heat and sound well.

Aluminum extruded profile: made of aluminum with thick walls, which gives them high strength and resistance to damage.

Rolling shutters are also divided according to the type of control: manual or electric drive. The choice depends on the user's preferences and ease of use.

How to install a roller shutter?

Installation can be challenging for beginners, but you will quickly master the process. While there are many ways to mount it due to the different designs, there is a general instruction for most options.

How to install a roller shutter?

  • Open the rear door of the pickup truck. After fixing, check if the roller shutter can open and close freely.
  • To complete the installation, close the tailgate of the pickup truck.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific model for best results.

Which roller shutter provides the highest security for your belongings?

In terms of security, rigid and retractable roller shutters are in the lead. The former have a seal that seals them together with the tailgate lock, while the latter have a multi-layer surface with a lock and key system. In other words, if both the tailgate lock and the pickup lid lock are set to "locked," you won't be able to access the body of your pickup unless you use your pickup key.

Do they change fuel consumption?

Yes, they do. All vehicle movements are subject to air resistance. This is the wind that acts against your vehicle while you are driving. To reduce its impact, companies make 4WD designs.

When you have a roll-up, the wind easily passes over the body of your pickup and reduces air resistance because it doesn't have to get inside. This results in a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency.

Where to buy a roller shutter?

Where to buy a roller shutter?

On our website "Volcar" you will find a wide range of quality products for your car. Our assortment includes various types of roller shutters for pickup trucks and other useful car accessories.

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