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Excellent driving performance for your SUV

Buy springs for SUV

An off-road suspension spring is a suspension element with elastic properties that not only withstands additional load in critical conditions, but also smooths out small pits and bumps on various road surfaces.

In combination with the shock absorber, this spring ensures the best driving performance of the car, reducing its sway on the road.

The weight of the vehicle and the stiffness of the suspension spring are important factors. With the same weight, a stiff spring will increase the frequency, making the car more shaky. A soft spring, on the other hand, will reduce the oscillations, but can cause leaning and "sagging" of the body.

Features of the springs:

  • Made of durable steel, so they can withstand repeated compression/stretching without deformation
  • Neutralize the negative impact on the driveshaft and steering geometry
  • Reduce wear of parts
  • Covered with special anti-corrosion protection
  • Compact in size and light in weight
  • Perfectly compatible with a particular vehicle

Not only are they the main components of the suspension, but they will also improve the handling of your pickup truck.

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