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Electric winch for ATV Dragon Winch DWH 4500 HD synthetic brand imageБрендDragon Winch
Traction force 2 t
Rope length 15 m
Voltage 12 V
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Traction force 2 t
Rope length 15 m
Remote control Remote control wired + wireless
Voltage 12 V
Cable Synthetic
Weight 11,4 kg
Dimensions 340 mm х 114 mm х 120 mm
Mounting holes 124 mm х 76 mm
Ratio 159: 1
Brand Dragon Winch

ATV winch DWH 4500 HD synthetic

Dragon Winch 4500 HDS is a representative of the premium winches of the HighLander series. Due to the universal design, it is suitable for installation on light ATVs and utility UTVs (as an additional tug). A solid body with a thoughtful laconic design will complete the look of any ATV. At the same time, a small weight (11.4 kg) will not affect the aerodynamic properties and balancing of transport in any way.

A high-performance 1.9 HP engine operates autonomously from a 12 V battery and provides more than 2 tons of tractive effort. At the same time, the rope winding speed is from 9.4 m/min (without load) to 2.5 m/min at full force.

A distinctive feature of the Dragon Winch 4500 S is the kevlar winch rope for ATV. It is much more flexible and compact than metal. During laying on the drum, it lies evenly and does not leave creases and burrs. At the same time, its strength indicators are no worse than a steel solution.

For convenient installation and use, the package includes a support platform, fixing screws, as well as roller guides for laying the cable on the drum. You can choose the optimal operating mode thanks to the stepped gearbox and remote control. The automatic brake allows you to fix the load in a stable position when the engine is turned off.

Advantages of an electric winch for an ATV DWH 4500 HD synthetic:

  • kevlar cable - a modern traction accessory, with compact dimensions and light weight, greater flexibility and ease of use compared to a metal cable;
  • best-in-class power and traction for the toughest off-road and off-road challenges;
  • high-quality assembly and durable sealed design prevent moisture from entering the main working units, thereby extending the life of the winch;
  • light weight and compact dimensions do not disturb the balance of the ATV;
  • universal design allows the winch to be installed on ATV and UTV class vehicles;
  • service support and original spare parts available.

ATV winch delivery set:

  • support platform;
  • screws for fastening;
  • synthetic (kevlar cable);
  • control block;
  • 2 remote controls: remote and wired;
  • guide roller block;
  • hook.

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