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Reducing vibrations and ensuring steering control

A steering damper for an off-road vehicle performs an important task - reducing vibration levels when driving on uneven road surfaces. It also reduces steering sway and can be easily adapted to any road.

Types of steering dampers:

Types of steering dampers:

Telescopic dampers work in two directions - compression and tension. They reduce various vibrations and return the steering wheel to its original position. 

These dampers can be single-acting or double-acting. The former have an additional spring on the outside to improve functioning, while the latter work without springs in tension and compression.

Rotary dampers are rarely used. They are usually installed on racing cars or motorcycles. The peculiarity is that they are controlled through a special on-board computer, not manually.

Our range includes steering dampers from leading brands that meet high quality standards. They are available as single and double tube designs, specially designed for specific models.


  • Prevents the steering wheel from being thrown out of your hands when driving over bumps
  • Reliable protection of all system elements against vibrations and shocks
  • Reduces wear and tear of parts by 30%
  • Improves handling at high speeds
  • Easy to install.

Steering wheel vibrations and bumps can make driving difficult and uncomfortable, and sometimes even dangerous.  To maximize their service life, it is recommended that you carry out regular maintenance checks after each trip.

In our online store, you can find a large selection of steering dampers that are ideal for your pickup truck.