Buy Hardtop on Mitsubishi L200 Sliding Glass Cab 2015-2022
Buy Hardtop on Mitsubishi L200 Sliding Glass Cab 2015-2022
Buy Hardtop on Mitsubishi L200 Sliding Glass Cab 2015-2022
Hardtop on Mitsubishi L200 Sliding Glass Cab 2015-2022 brand imageБрендTurkey
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Brand Turkey

Innovative, Durable, Functional Pickup Truck Tops from the Manufacturer!

Choose a roof that fits your needs and lifestyle, whether you're camping, hauling gear and supplies, or just need extra storage space.

High Quality Hardtops

Constructed of reinforced fiberglass that is 6 times stronger than plastic.

Matching color

We use your vehicle's original color codes for opaque, metallic and pearlescent paints to ensure the color of the light matches the color of your vehicle.

Unique design and quality

Our hardtops have an independent locking mechanism. Integration with a central locking system is available as an option.

A touch-sensitive LED interior light and third tail light are standard.

The canopies are heat and chemical resistant, have an excellent insulation system and are waterproof.

The inside of the dome is covered with a velour carpet.

The rear window between the cab and canopy can be opened for easy access.

Aerodynamic design

We pay attention to the smallest aspects of design and production, using advanced technologies to create lightweight products with an aerodynamic shape that saves fuel.

Safe driving

To ensure safe driving on any terrain, the canopies are equipped with a transparent rear window and brake light.

Easy to use

The hardtops are equipped with a simple and safe handle for easy opening. Shock absorbers in the tailgate help with opening and closing.

Easy to install

No drilling is required for installation; instead, a sturdy clamp-lock mechanism is used. Modular mounting clamps make it easy to remove and reinstall.