Buy Hardtop on Volkswagen Amarok Sliding Glass Cab 2010-2022
Hardtop on Volkswagen Amarok Sliding Glass Cab 2010-2022 brand imageБрендTurkey
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Brand Turkey

Hardtop on VW Amarok pickup with sliding side windows for ventilation

Hardtop Turkey is suitable for carrying various loads, stowing supplies and equipment during travel. It is made of fiberglass with reinforcements, which allows it to withstand considerable loads. Fiberglass is non-corrosive and weatherproof.

The hardtop of the Volkswagen Amarok is installed with special fasteners. Mounting does not require drilling holes in the body and takes minimal time. The design takes into account the dimensions of the Volkswagen Amarok cargo area.

  • Special features of this model,
  • Sliding side windows,
  • High quality waterproofing,
  • Factory tinting,
  • LED light with sensor in the cabin,
  • Stop light,
  • Independent locking (optional integration with central locking),
  • Aerodynamic shape,
  • Easy-care velour upholstery.