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Electric winch for ATV Dragon Winch DWH 4500 HDL brand imageБрендDragon Winch
Traction force 2 t
Rope length 15 m
Voltage 12 V
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Traction force 2 t
Rope length 15 m
Remote control Remote control wired + wireless
Voltage 12 V
Cable Steel
Weight 12,7 kg
Dimensions 334 mm х 114 mm х 120 mm
Mounting holes 170 mm х 76 mm
Ratio 136: 1
Brand Dragon Winch

Electric ATV winch DWH 4500 HDL

The Dragon Winch 4500 HDL is designed for tough conditions and off-road. HighLander series winches are premium quality in an eye-catching ergonomic design. Lightweight (12.7 kg) does not interfere with the aerodynamics and balance of the ATV.

A Reliable 1.9 hp electric drive provides a traction jerk of 2041 kg on the first turn of the drum. At the same time, the speed of winding the cable at maximum load is 2.5 m/min. The exact direction of the cable during laying is set by roller guides (included in the kit). With their help, a metal (or synthetic) cable will not bend and break, thereby reducing the performance of the winch.

Winches for ATVs of the HighlLander series have increased tightness, thanks to high-quality seals. This design eliminates the ingress of particles of dust, dirt and moisture into the mechanism. Which is especially true in off-road racing conditions.

The winch is equipped with a mounting kit of screws and a support platform, which greatly simplifies installation. Management takes place by means of a remote control connected to the control unit and a radio remote control. The optimum operating mode is selected through a three-speed gearbox.

The main difference between the presented model and the DWH 4500 HD is a longer body (37.8 cm versus 34 cm).

Package DWH4500HDL:

  • support platform;
  • control unit + control panel;
  • radio remote control;
  • kevlar or steel winch rope for atv;
  • hook;
  • screws for installation;
  • guide rollers.
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Electric winch for ATV Dragon Winch DWH 4500 HDL Code: dw12004 229 €
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