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The cutting module Arpal AM-160  brand imageБрендARPAL
Block length 659 mm
Block width 510 mm
Block height 863 mm
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Mass 240 kg
Block length 659 mm
Block width 510 mm
Block height 863 mm
Estimated productivity 12 m³/h
Max diameter of sheet breeds 140 mm
Max diameter of soft wood 160 mm
Length blocks 120-240 mm
Knives 6 ks

Interchangeable cutting module

АМ-160 cutting module is essentially the main part, which is the main working element of the wood chipper. Used for processing and disposal by cutting branches, slats, slats, lamellas and other wood waste. The cutting module turns the raw material into pieces 12...24 cm long, the size is not adjustable, but depends on the diameter (thickness) of the wood. The АМ-160 module is able to cut branches up to 16 cm in diameter, depending on the humidity and type of wood. Chopped branches are an ideal fuel for pyrolysis and solid fuel boilers, fireplaces, stoves and other heating appliances, as well as for the production of charcoal.

The device can be powered by almost any drive, it can be an electric or gasoline engine, a walk-behind tractor, as well as a tractor PTO. Depending on the drive, when ordering, you can choose the execution of the drive shaft under the key or under the splines.

The working element of АМ-160 are knives. There are 6 knives installed on the cutting module, the knives are made of 40X steel, have a double sharpening angle and without fail undergo a heat treatment process on a modern HDTV installation. The knives of the cutting module are inserted into the milled groove of the working shaft, this technology can significantly reduce the load on the fixing bolts of the knives.

The device has fastening paws with which it is possible to fix it on a frame or other necessary surface. The plates of the cutting module are provided with threaded holes for fixing the bunkers for loading and unloading products.