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ARPAL wood chipper MB-60BD brand imageБрендARPAL
Block length 1360 мм
Block width 510 mm
Block height 840 mm
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Warranty period 3 years
Mass 93 kg
Block length 1360 мм
Block width 510 mm
Block height 840 mm
Estimated productivity 2 m³/h
Max diameter of sheet breeds 40 мм
Max diameter of soft wood 60 мм
Length blocks 5-50 mm
Knives 2 ks
Engine power 7 hp
Engine speed 3600 ot/min
Fuel petrol
Surface treatment powder coating

MB-60BD wood chipper

Wood shredder drum type MB-60BD is designed for processing and recycling by shredding branches, bushes, vines and other wood waste. The wood chipper turns the raw material into technological chips. Up to 90% of the resulting chips will have a size of 5 ... 50 mm, 10% - a free size, when crushing thin branches, an increase or decrease in the fraction is possible. Chip size is not regulated and mainly depends on the type of material being fed. The MB-60BD shredder is capable of cutting branches up to 6 cm in diameter, depending on the humidity and wood species. Ready chips can be used for heating in solid fuel and pyrolysis boilers, fireplaces, stoves and other heating appliances. Wood chips can also be used as plant mulch or fertilizer.

The main difference of the MB-60BD grinder is the principle of operation, the rotor has a drum on which there are 2 knives for the entire length of the drum, the drum rotates at a speed of 2400 rpm, so that the necessary air pressure is designed to supply chips to the discharge funnel. The knives are made of steel 55VTsrV8 and are double-sided, which significantly extends the service life of the wood chipper knives. Without fail, the knives undergo a heat treatment process on a modern HF-INDUCTION HEATING unit.

The performance of the wood chipper MB-60BD is 2 cubic meters of finished wood chips per hour. Productivity directly depends on the quality of preparation of raw materials and the number of personnel involved in the work. The MB-60BD wood chipper is equipped with a 7 hp WEIMA gasoline engine. the fuel consumption of which is only 400 g/h. This engine is one of the highest quality in Ukraine, there are service centers in every region. The engine is protected from overloads by a special clutch of our design. The engine comes with a separate 12-month manufacturer's warranty.

Wood chipper MB-60BD is equipped with wheels for easy movement of the chipper across the territory.

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