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Height 40 mm
Parish delivery 982 mm
The depth 62 mm
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Type high beam headlight
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Voltage range 9-32V
Luminous flux power 13500 Lm
Number of LEDs 36
Power consumption 126 W
Power consumption (at 14.4 V) 8,8 А
Optical efficiency 92%
Ray of light dispersed
High beam ECE R112
Corps rectangular
Housing material metal
Weight, kg 2,7 kg
0.25 lx Line 940 m
0.5 lx Line 665 m
1 lx Line 470 m
3 lx Line 271 m
Brand Lazer
Height 40 mm
The depth 62 mm
Parish delivery 982 mm

Bright light for your safety

The Lazer Linear 36 is the lighting for your car that makes the road bright and helps you see far and clear.

These headlights have 36 LEDs that create a strong light output of 13,500 lumens. They can operate from a voltage of 9 to 32 volts. This means that they are suitable for different types of vehicles. 

The body shape is rectangular and made of durable metal. They are stable and reliable. These headlights diffuse the light so that it is evenly distributed around, creating comfortable visibility. They comply with ECE R112 safety standards.

The Lazer brand guarantees the quality of these headlights.


5 years!

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Lazer Linear 36 Code: 0L36-LNR 787 €
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