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Lazer Utility 80 brand imageБрендLazerlamps
Height 108 mm
Parish delivery 110 mm
The depth 110 mm
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240 € (with VAT)
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Type high beam headlight
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Voltage range 9-32V
Luminous flux power 8820 Lm
Number of LEDs 4
Power consumption 80 W
Power consumption (at 14.4 V) 5.5 А
Optical efficiency 92%
Ray of light dispersed
Corps square
Housing material metal
Weight, kg 1260 gr
1 lx Line 79 m
Brand Lazer
Height 108 mm
The depth 110 mm
Parish delivery 110 mm

Bright headlight for cars Utility 80

Utility 80 is an additional headlight for cars. It can operate from 9 to 32 volts.

This spotlight produces a powerful light of 8820 lumens, which makes the road bright. It has 4 LEDs that use electricity efficiently. The power it consumes is 80 watts, and at a voltage of 14.4 volts, it is already 5.5 amps.

The light it produces is diffused, meaning it is evenly distributed around. It has a square shape and is made of durable metal. It weighs 1260 grams. It is quite compact, which means that it can easily fit into a car.

Lazer is a well-known brand that guarantees the quality of its products.


Certificate IPx9K
Lazer Utility-80 00U80
Certificate (CISPR 25 - class 3)
Lazer Utility-80 00U80

Care instructions
Lazer Utility-80 00U80
Product information card
Lazer Utility-80 00U80



5 years!


• 22.06.2022
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