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Electric winch for tow truck Dragon Winch DWT 15000 HDL brand imageБрендDragon Winch
Traction force 7 t
Rope length 60 m
Voltage 12 V, 24 V
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Traction force 7 t
Rope length 60 m
Remote control Remote control wired + wireless
Voltage 12 V, 24 V
Cable Steel
Weight 80 кг
Dimensions 815 мм х 210 мм х 260 мм
Mounting holes 454 мм х 114 мм
Ratio 420: 1
Brand Dragon Winch

Electric winch for car DWT 15000 HDL

For the efficient operation of the tow truck, it needs productive tools. These characteristics correspond to the electric winch for the Dragon Winch DWT 15000 HDL tow truck of the Truck series. It is a high-performance traction unit designed for continuous loads and difficult operating conditions.

9 hp electric drive connects to a car battery with a voltage of 12 V / 24 V and provides a maximum traction force of 6.8 tons. At the same time, a 60 m long cable is wound onto a drum at a speed of 1.3 m per minute. With a decrease in effort, the speed of laying the cable increases: at 5.4 t it is 1.9 m/min., and at 4.5 t it is 2.5 m.

The company's engineers took care not only of the structural strength and high performance of the equipment. With an impressive load capacity, the winch has compact dimensions and intuitive controls. Using the remote control and 3-speed gearbox, you can select the optimal operating mode. In the event of an engine shutdown, a dynamic brake is activated, which fixes the load in a stable position.

The main difference between the presented winch and the DWT 15000 HD model is a longer and narrower body, increased performance and a larger cable (60 m). Which of the modifications to choose depends on the design of the car and your needs.

Advantages of the electric car winch DWT15000HDL:

  • increased length of the traction cable (60 m);
  • reliable design and high-quality assembly;
  • planetary gearbox and remote control;
  • productive 9 hp engine produces 6.8 tons of traction on the first turn of the drum.
  • operational service support;
  • official guarantee.

Scope of delivery DWT 15000 HDL:

  • remote control and wired remote control;
  • control block;
  • cable;
  • a set of screws for fastening;
  • guide rollers;
  • hook.
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