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Electric car winch Dragon Winch DWM 12000 HD brand imageБрендDragon Winch
Traction force 5 t
Rope length 28 m
Voltage 12 V, 24 V
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357 € (with VAT)
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Traction force 5 t
Rope length 28 m
Remote control Remote control wired
Voltage 12 V, 24 V
Cable Steel
Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 535 mm х 160 mm х 245 mm
Mounting holes 254 mm х 114 mm
Ratio 265: 1
Brand Dragon Winch

Electric winch Dragon Winch Maverick 12000 HD

DWM 12000 HD is a reliable device for horizontal movement of goods from the Polish manufacturer Dragon Winch. Suitable for installation on SUVs of all brands as well as large-sized special equipment. The winch is easily mounted on the car thanks to a set of fasteners (included).

Reliable 6.8 hp engine powered by a 12/24V battery and producing a pulling force of over 5t (5443kg). With high performance, Dragon Winch winches retain compact dimensions and relatively low weight. For ease of control, a 3-speed gearbox and dynamic brake are provided. And the exact direction of the movement of the cable is set by roller guides through which the cable must be passed.

The kit comes with two remote controls:

  • Wired with cable up to 4 m.
  • Wireless radio remote control, which is located inside the main remote control (removed by pressing from the side).

Advantages of the DWM 12000 HD electric winch:

  • a wide range of applications - from off-road vehicles to special equipment and tow trucks;
  • high-quality components and reliable assembly for long service life and trouble-free operation;
  • thoughtful design: roller guides for precise cable movement, 3-speed gearbox and modern dynamic brake;
  • both 12 V and 24 V batteries can be used as a power source;
  • high traction force (5443 kg) in combination with small overall parameters of the winch.

The winch package includes:

  • a set of screws for installation;
  • control unit and remote control;
  • wired remote control;
  • block of roller guides;
  • steel or synthetic cable;
  • hook.

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• 26.04.2022
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Electric car winch Dragon Winch DWM 12000 HD Code: dw11005 357 €
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