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Electric car winch Dragon Winch DWH 15000 HD brand imageБрендDragon Winch
Traction force 7 t
Rope length 28 m
Voltage 12 V
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Traction force 7 t
Rope length 28 m
Remote control Remote control wired + wireless
Voltage 12 V
Cable Steel
Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 599 mm х 175 mm х 255 mm
Mounting holes 254 mm х 114 mm
Ratio 273 : 1
Brand Dragon Winch

Car winch Dragon Winch 15000 HD

DWH 15000 HD of the HighLander series is a combination of high power, functionality and thoughtful design that will harmoniously complement the appearance of any car. Before you buy a car winch, you need to decide in what areas it will be used. The presented model enjoys wide popularity among professionals in off-road motorsport, military and municipal spheres thanks to a strong design and high rates of efficiency.

High performance 9 HP engine in combination with a synthetic or steel cable, produces a pulling force of over 6 tons already on the first turn. At this level of stress, it is very easy to inadvertently damage the car's body. In order to avoid damage to the body, as well as for uniform laying of the cable, roller guides are provided in the delivery set, which allows you to set the exact movement of the traction rope. A 12 V car battery can be used as a power source.

The main structural elements of the Dragon Winch 15000 HD electric winch are made of high-strength alloy with anti-corrosion powder coating, which significantly extends the life of the equipment.

Advantages of the DWH 15000 HD electric car winch:

  • high quality components, internal parts and assemblies for intensive continuous loads;
  • anti-corrosion coating allows you to extend the life of the winch;
  • traction force of 6803 kg and dynamic brake provide high performance and comfort of using the equipment;
  • complete set with a synthetic or metal cable, depending on the operating conditions and tasks;
  • official guarantee.

The winch delivery set consists of:

  • control block;
  • cable: metal or synthetic;
  • hook;
  • 2 remote controls: wired and remote;
  • fixing screws;
  • roller guides.
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