Buy Winch car WARN ZEON 12 - 12 volts - 5443 kg
Winch car WARN ZEON 12 - 12 volts - 5443 kg brand imageБрендWARN
Traction force 5 t
Rope length 24 m
Voltage 12 V
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Traction force 5 t
Rope length 24 m
Remote control Remote control wired
Voltage 12 V
Cable Steel
Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 616 x 182 x 267 mm
Producing country USA
Rope diameter 9,5 mm
Gear 3 speed, planetary
Brake automatic
Mounting holes 254 x 114,3 mm
Ratio 216:1
Drum dimensions 80 mm
Brand WARN

Unleash Power and Performance: Introducing the High-Performance WARN ZEON 12 Car Winch for Towing and Pulling

Welcome to a world of power and reliability with the WARN ZEON 12 car winch. With this high-performance tool you can handle the most demanding towing and pulling tasks. Powered by 12 volts and with an incredible pulling force of up to 5,443 kg, the ZEON 12 winch is ready for any challenge.

The ZEON 12 is a product of advanced technology and engineering craftsmanship from WARN. Its rugged and robust design ensures reliability and durability even under the most extreme conditions. No matter what you're up against, the ZEON 12 will rise to the challenge and succeed.

Operating the ZEON 12 winch is simple and intuitive. Thanks to the remote control, you can easily control the towing or pulling process. This allows you to precisely control the speed and direction of travel, ensuring safety and efficiency.

This winch is equipped with an advanced braking system that provides controlled speed deceleration and jerk prevention. The built-in thermal switch guarantees protection against overheating and ensures safety when working with high loads.

Installation of the ZEON 12 winch is simple and convenient. It is easily mounted on the front bumper of your vehicle, ready for action in the shortest possible time. Its compact dimensions and ergonomic design make it ideal for various types of vehicles.

With WARN ZEON 12 you can free tangled vehicles, lift and move heavy loads and do lots of other things that require power and performance. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this reliable and efficient tool that will be your faithful companion in automotive adventures.

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