Buy Winch automobile WARN 9,0Rc - 12 volts - 4080 kg
Winch automobile WARN 9,0Rc - 12 volts - 4080 kg brand imageБрендWARN
Traction force 4 t
Rope length 15 m
Voltage 12 V
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Traction force 4 t
Rope length 15 m
Remote control Remote control wired
Voltage 12 V
Cable Synthetic
Weight 24,8 kg
Producing country USA
Rope diameter 9,6 mm
Gear 3 speed, planetary
Ratio 216:1
Motor 4,8 hp
Drum dimensions 70 mm
Brand WARN

Introducing the WARN 9.0Rc Electric Winch: Unleash the Power and Performance for Automotive Adventures

The WARN 9.0Rc is a top-of-the-line electric winch designed specifically for automobiles. With its impressive capabilities, this 12-volt winch delivers exceptional power, reliability, and versatility to tackle even the toughest towing and recovery tasks.

  • Unmatched Power: The WARN 9.0Rc boasts a robust pulling capacity of up to 9,000 lbs (4,080 kg), providing you with the strength and force needed to handle challenging situations. Whether you find yourself stuck in deep mud, navigating treacherous terrains, or requiring vehicle recovery, the 9.0Rc is engineered to exceed your expectations.
  • Built to Last: Durability is at the core of the WARN 9.0Rc winch. Its rugged construction and high-quality components ensure long-lasting performance, even in the harshest conditions. Crafted with precision and expertise, this winch is designed to withstand the demands of off-road adventures and heavy-duty use, giving you peace of mind in every situation.
  • Versatility and Ease of Use: Installation and operation of the 9.0Rc winch are hassle-free. Its compact size and lightweight design make it suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from SUVs to trucks. The winch features an integrated control pack, simplifying the wiring process and allowing for a seamless setup. With the included wired remote control, you can easily operate the winch and control the pulling process with precision.
  • Reliable Performance: Equipped with a three-stage planetary gear train, the WARN 9.0Rc ensures smooth and efficient power delivery. It incorporates an automatic load-holding brake, guaranteeing secure load control and preventing unintended slippage. The winch also includes a thermal overload protection system, safeguarding against overheating and ensuring safe operation even under heavy loads.
  • Safety First: Safety is paramount, and the 9.0Rc winch is designed with your well-being in mind. The winch's integrated clutch system provides controlled winching, while the remote control enables operation from a safe distance. Additionally, the winch is equipped with a reliable and durable synthetic rope, offering increased safety and strength compared to traditional steel cables.

Experience the Unparalleled Power and Dependability of the WARN 9.0Rc Electric Winch. Whether you're facing challenging off-road scenarios or require dependable towing capabilities, the 9.0Rc is your ultimate companion on your automotive adventures. Trust in WARN's legacy of excellence and equip your vehicle with the winch that delivers unmatched performance.

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