Buy Car winch T-Max PEW-9000 - 12 volt / 4080 kg - 9000 lb PERFORMANCE
Car winch T-Max PEW-9000 - 12 volt / 4080 kg - 9000 lb PERFORMANCE brand imageБрендT-max
Traction force 4 t
Rope length 30 m
Voltage 12 V
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Traction force 4 t
Rope length 30 m
Remote control Remote control wired
Voltage 12 V
Cable Synthetic
Weight 26,8 kg
Dimensions 557.00mm x 161.00mm x 205.00mm
Rope diameter 9,1 mm
Gear planetary
Brake automatic
Mounting holes 254 х114,3 mm
Ratio 172,8 :1
Motor 5,5hp Series Wound
Brand T-max

The T-Max PEW-9000: Your Reliable Partner for Automotive Tasks - Power, Performance, and Ease of Use Combined

Meet the reliable and powerful partner for automotive tasks - the T-Max PEW-9000. This automotive winch offers superior performance and ease of use to help you tackle your toughest tasks.

With a lifting capacity of up to 4,080 kg (9,000 lbs), the T-Max PEW-9000 provides enough power to effectively tow and retrieve vehicles from difficult situations. With a reliable 12-volt electric motor, you can count on consistent and reliable performance in all conditions.

The T-Max PEW-9000 is designed for durability and strength. Its compact and rugged housing provides additional protection against external influences and corrosion, ensuring long life and high reliability.

With this winch, operation becomes simple and convenient. Intuitive controls make it easy to operate the winch, and the remote control allows you to stay at a safe distance while maintaining complete control of the process.

The T-Max PEW-9000 is also equipped with a number of features for safety and reliability. An automatic braking system prevents backward movement of the load, and an anti-slip cable protects against load slippage, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a professional tow truck, or a car enthusiast in need of a reliable winch, the T-Max PEW-9000 is ready to handle any challenge. It's perfect for towing or retrieving cars, boats or other heavy loads.

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Car winch T-Max PEW-9000 - 12 volt / 4080 kg - 9000 lb PERFORMANCE Code: 19218 841 €
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