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Hardtop Nissan Navara (NP300) 2016+ Road Ranger RH05 Profi brand imageБрендRoad Ranger
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Brand Road Ranger

Road Ranger RH05 Profi hardtop on Nissan Navara (NP300) 2016

RH05 Profi is made from a practical combination of high strength petroleum plastic and glass. The design of this model can rightfully be considered premium - the refined silhouette of a hardtop is a harmonious continuation of a pickup truck, and there is a spoiler. In addition to the visual characteristics, the functional ones have also been qualitatively improved. The body space has the correct geometry, which is very convenient for the transportation of goods of various types and purposes. There are side inserts, which provide additional access to the interior space from both sides of the pickup. The rear door is integrated into the overall locking system. Its advantages also include increased tightness. You can be absolutely sure that dust, dirt and water will not get inside the trunk.

Features of Road Ranger RH05 Profi hardtop for Nissan NP300\Navara 2016:

  • side unglazed side flaps have the ability to fully open;
  • stylish design, integrated tailgate spoiler, vacuum-formed ABS material and glass to minimize the risk of damage;
  • mechanical components made of stainless steel;
  • additional water leakage protection system around the rear door and the rear of the body;
  • mounting system with 7 metal fixings (no drilling);
  • electric heating of the rear door, controlled by the original button from inside the cabin;
  • 3rd brake light is integrated into the painted spoiler;
  • the tailgate lock is integrated with the car's central locking;
  • new system of upgraded metal clamps instead of plastic clamps.
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