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Lazer T16 Evolution brand imageБрендLazerlamps
Height 64 mm
Parish delivery 684 mm
The depth 68 mm
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736 € (with VAT)
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Type high beam headlight
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Voltage range 9-32V
Luminous flux power 16544 Lm
Number of LEDs 16
Power consumption 192 W
Power consumption (at 14.4 V) 13.4 А
Optical efficiency 92%
Ray of light dispersed
Corps rectangular
Housing material metal
Weight, kg 2142 g
0.25 lx Line 1111 m
0.5 lx Line 786 m
1 lx Line 555 m
3 lx Line 321 m
High beam not certified
Brand Lazer
Height 64 mm
The depth 68 mm
Parish delivery 684 mm

Reliable optics with Lazer T16 Evolution

Lazer T16 Evolution is an additional headlight for cars that helps to illuminate the road in front of the car. They can operate from 9 to 32 volts and are designed to work with both passenger vehicles (12V) and trucks or special equipment (24V).

These headlights have 16 LEDs that produce a powerful luminous flux of 16544 lumens and consume 192 watts of power. The light is diffused, i.e. evenly distributed around.

Lazer T16 Evolution also includes the E-bus function, which automatically adjusts the light intensity depending on road conditions, ensuring optimal visibility and safety while driving.

The headlights have a rectangular shape and are made of durable metal. They are a bit heavy, weighing 2142 grams. Products from the Lazer brand are known for their quality and reliability. They will help you see the road far ahead and make your journey safer.


5 years!


Dlouho jsem hledal ty správné světlomety. Na Volcaru najdete vše, co potřebujete. Všem upřímně doporučuji, protože jsem s jejich obchodem a prací spokojená.

• 22.06.2022
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Lazer T16 Evolution Code: 0016-evo-b 736 €
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