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Lazer ST4 Evolution brand imageБрендLazerlamps
Height 64 mm
Parish delivery 204 mm
The depth 68 mm
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Type high beam headlight
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Voltage range 9-32V
Luminous flux power 4136 Lm
Number of LEDs 4
Power consumption 47 W
Power consumption (at 14.4 V) 3,3 А
Optical efficiency 92%
Ray of light dispersed
High beam ECE R112
Corps rectangular
Housing material metal
Weight, kg 670 g
0.25 lx Line 555 m
0.5 lx Line 393 m
1 lx Line 278 m
3 lx Line 160 m
Brand Lazer
Height 64 mm
The depth 68 mm
Parish delivery 204 mm

Lazer ST4 Evolution auxiliary light

This type of light is designed to be used in high beam mode to provide you with optimum visibility even in low visibility conditions.

Thanks to its design and LEDs, they provide a luminous flux of 4136 lumens. The headlamps operate in a voltage range of 9 to 32 V and have a power consumption of 47 W at 14.4 V. The total weight is 670 grams.

Thanks to its excellent performance, you will be able to recognise obstacles from a distance of 555 metres at 0.25 lux to 160 metres at 3 lux.

The Lazer brand is known for its reliability and quality, and the Lazer ST4 Evolution is no exception. 


Installation and connection instructions
Lazerlamps ST4 Evolution
Product information card
Lazerlamps ST4 Evolution
Certificate ECE R10
Lazerlamps ST4 Evolution

Care instructions
Lazerlamps ST4 Evolution
Certificate ECE
Lazerlamps ST4 Evolution

5 years!

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Lazer ST4 Evolution Code: 0004-evo-b 261 €
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