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Buy Lazer T2-R
Buy Lazer T2-R
Lazer T2-R brand imageБрендLazerlamps
0.5 lx Line 278 m
3 lx Line 113 m
0.25 lx Line 393 m
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Type high beam headlight
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Luminous flux power 2068 Lm
Corps rectangular
Moisture protection IP67
0.25 lx Line 393 m
0.5 lx Line 278 m
1 lx Line 196 m
3 lx Line 113 m
Brand Lazer

Lazer: Lighting for nighttime roads

Lazer T2-R is an optical device designed to improve visibility on the road at night. It is an advanced product from the well-known Lazer brand.

Here are the main features:

  • Adapted to work with electrical voltage from 9 to 32 volts.
  • Emits brightness at 8100 lumens, providing bright illumination for the driver.
  • Uses 24 LEDs, while consuming only 84 watts of power and only 5.8 amps at 14.4 volts.
  • Uniform and efficient light distribution allows you to see far and clear, and a wide diffused beam improves visibility on the sides of the road.
  • The body is rectangular and made of durable metal, weighing only 800 grams, and its compact size adds to its convenience.

The Lazer T2-R will help make your nighttime travels comfortable and safe by enhancing your response to road conditions.


5 years!


Koupil jsem tento přídavný světlomet, velmi dobře vylepšené osvětlení.

• 24.06.2022
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